About us

We are a team focusing their efforts on a wide field of architecture, interior design, urban planning and design. We are constantly expanding our experience working on projects of different scale and purpose – from small residential interiors, furniture and lighting by houses, a large office and residential buildings and service.


For our projects we are always looking for the broad context of social, economic, cultural and historical heritage. His insightful analysis is one of the main tools we use in the design.


Our activity is focused on creating functional and distinctive architecture, taking into account environmental solutions and new technologies so as to best respond to the issues of modern times.


Work experience gained in large architectural offices in Warsaw, and during internships abroad in various cities in Europe and the world – Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Hong Kong and Tokyo. As a result, we met different perspective on designing the space and try to create your own unique architectural language.


Academic preparation for the architectural profession we held in Warsaw’s Faculty of Architecture of the LP, as well as taking part in internships abroad – in Denmark, the Netherlands or Belgium. We also have to prepare for project management – documented finished postgraduate course at SGH.


Our projects gain recognition in the pages of magazines such as architecture-murator and Internet portals archdaily, Architizer or Frameweb.